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Voice Training

Training includes combating nerves, building confidence in an individual’s vocal delivery, enhancing speech and voice production.

Whether in individual sessions or group sessions you will learn how to bring words to life and tell your story. You will build confidence as you learn voice techniques and breath control, developing voice delivery to improve clarity, diction, articulation and pace. Use of microphone technique is also taught where appropriate.

My training will develop your ability to use your voice with ease whatever the situation.

Courses enable you to use your voice confidently and effectively in order to deliver a message, express points clearly and engage the listener. This includes lifting text from a page to deliver a clear and appropriate presentation, be it a script for stage or screen, a sales pitch or a wedding speech!

You can expect to be taken out of your comfort zone but you will always be encouraged to develop your vocal and presentation skills in a safe environment.

My aim for you is to take the pain out of public speaking.

"Sally understands that your voice tells your story…she helps you build your style by starting with your story."
Damian Barr, Writer, columnist, and playwright.