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About Sally

I have worked in media for the last 27 years. My work includes continuity announcing for BBC Television, Channel Four and World Service. I have been a presenter in commercial radio and BBC local radio. I’ve been in front of the camera and behind it. My experience includes script writing, presenting, directing, acting and producing.

In the last ten years my focus has been on training: working as a voice coach for BBC Academy, Skills Workshop, the National Health Service, Al Jazeera and companies such as Mouchel, Parsons Brinkerhoff, as well as private clients.

"I believe that everyone has a voice worth listening to."

I offer a wide variety of voice training techniques for anyone in the business of “speaking”. Whether you’re presenting the news, passing important information on to staff or engaging an audience I can help improve your performance.

I believe that everyone has a voice worth listening to. Firstly you need to like your voice and believe in its power. Secondly you need to use it. I can help you do both.